What has buying a new car got to do with feng shui?

Have you ever wonder why there are more accidents in this car and not the other car or why your new car keep breaking down for no clear reason even though you are driving a car famous for its quality? Or when you are in your car, problems keep popping up from nowhere.

For some of us, we spend more time in our car than we spend in the office or at home, the Qi energy accumulated in the car can have a big impact to our luck.

The type of energy the car accumulated is influence by 4 main elements and how these elements interact with us:

1. The color of the car – green color accumulate wood energy, white accumulate metal energy, etc. Which color is suitable for you?

2. The car number – 1 is water, 9 is fire, what number is suitable for you?

3. The date you buy – This has the same effect as signing a contract on an auspicious day, it’s the day the car builds it relationship with you

4. The date of collection – This is the date that the car reinforce its relationship with you.

Although having all the suitable elements does not mean you will never have a car related issues again (since your personal luck and house feng shui will have an impact too), it will cut a lot of unnecessary problem for you.

So what is the easiest thing you can do when buying a car?

Buying a car with suitable colors and numbers means that you need to know what your basic elements are, what elements you need and what elements you need to avoid. It’s not a straight forward process.

Selecting the most auspicious date to buy and to collect your car is the simplest thing you can do. This is not the best option but it does cover at least 50% of the equation.

Every month, I will select the most auspicious date to buy and collect your car for you to use on this blog, all you need to do is to come here to select a date and time that does not crash with your birth horoscope. That’s it.

The dates for end October and November will be posted on the 17th October.