I am a big fan of Casio Pathfinder and I have had 4 pathfinder since 1999. This is the secret weapon of many Feng Shui Master when they need to select properties and land for clients discretely.

The Casio pathfinder has a great look and many interesting features like:

* Atomic Timekeeping for Superb Accuracy
* Solar Power Eliminates the Need for a Battery
* Automatic Electro-Luminescent Display for Easy Viewing
* Barometer, Altimeter, and Thermometer Readings and more

The Casio pathfinder has a great compass function; with a measuring unit of 1° you will be able to get the exact compass reading of any place with just a click of the button.

This is a great compliment to any Feng Shui compass and its comes in handy when it is not possible to use a Feng Shui Compass.

Check it out, you will love this beautiful watch.