THE Beckhams are preparing to give their London and LA homes a feng shui makeover.

Pregnant Victoria, 36, has asked £600-an-hour interior designers to overhaul their mansions.

She ordered the decorations be done in keeping with the ancient Chinese art of feng shui, which looks to find the right balance of life forces.

It is thought the Victoria and husband David, 35, will be living at their Beckingham Palace home in Sawbridgeworth, Herts, at the time of the summer birth. And Posh wants to emulate the “positive energy” created at their former Spanish house.

They spent £350,000 on exotic Oriental furniture, wind chimes and bamboo flutes designed to create happiness and allow energy to flow correctly.

The couple’s spokesman said: “Victoria has used and uses feng shui.”

By Richard Peppiatt (

31st January 2011