Many successful people like to summarize their success in one sentence: “Doing the Right thing at the Right time”

In many cultures, people believe that all days have different energy. The energy and fortune of each day and each hour will vary according to the different stars, different god or different numbers present at that date.

Therefore, before people do any major work, they will seek the advice of a Feng Shui Master, an Astrologer, or maybe a Numerologist to help them select the right time to do the right thing.

By selecting the right time for the right thing, we can maximize the success in everything we do.

In the Chinese cultures, we make use of the Feng Shui Calendar (Feng Shui Almanac), aka “Tong Shu” to select the right time, for the right people, for the right thing.

If you do not have access to a Feng Shui Consultant, you can make use of the Feng Shui Calendar on this blog to make proper choice when selecting the right auspicious time, for the right thing.

I have written in details the date and auspicious time you can choose to conduct some of life major event like marriage, renovation, signing contract, launching a business, launching a product or services, traveling, buying and selling of properties, visiting friends and relatives, first day of work, moving in, renovate kitchen, hang the sign board, etc.

When you are in the Feng Shui Calendar page, just point your mouse to the dates you are considering and you will be able to see a summary for that day.

For in-depth information about a particular date – just click on that date and you will see a separate page with full information.

While you are at the detail Feng Shui Calendar page, remember to read the “Daily Wealth and Success Direction” section for everyday Feng Shui financial help.

You can also make use of the TAG functions on the right to select a series of dates for your event. For example, by selecting Dates for Career, you will be able to see all the dates suitable for career related events.