Gregorian Calendar:
10 March 2010

Chinese Lunar Calendar: 25th of the 1st Lunar Month, Year of the Metal Tiger

Day Zodiac (Horoscope) Element: Earth Goat

Not Suitable for use by: Cow Zodiac (Horoscope)

Month Flying Star:

Day Flying Star: 1

Daily Wealth and Success Direction:
North, North East (travel to or face the wealth direction to talk to client, apply for loan, or for other money related success)

Suitable for:
1st day of work, renovation, visiting friends and relative, going overseas, 1st day of business, signing contract, 1st day of school, negotiating deals,  moving house, moving office, hang signboard, see doctor

Avoid Doing: Marriage, engagement, dating related

Auspicious Time of the Day:

0500am-0700am: People born under the Rooster Zodiac (Horoscope) should avoid using this timing

0900am-1100am: People born under the Pig Zodiac (Horoscope) should avoid using this timing

1100am-1300pm:People born under the Rat Zodiac (Horoscope) should avoid using this timing

1300pm-1500pm: People born under the Cow Zodiac (Horoscope) should avoid using this timing

1500pm-1700pm: People born under the Tiger Zodiac (Horoscope) should avoid using this timing

Worst Time of the Day:
0700am-0900am, 1700pm-1900pm


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