Gregorian Calendar:
23 December 2009

Chinese Lunar Calendar: 08th of the 11 Lunar Month, Year of the Earth Cow

Day Zodiac (Horoscope) Element: Water Tiger

Not Suitable for use by: Monkey Zodiac (Horoscope)

Month Flying Star:

Day Flying Star: 3

Suitable for:
Opening of business, prayer, moving house, renovation, hang the signboard, see doctor, 1st day of work, 1st day of school, signing contract

Not Suitable for: Renovating kitchen, visiting the sick

Best Time of the Day:

0700am-0900am: The Dog Zodiac (Horoscope) should avoid this timing

0900am-1100am: The Pig Zodiac (Horoscope) should avoid this timing (Best for business)

1100am-1300pm: The Rat Zodiac (Horoscope) should avoid this timing

1300pm-1500pm: The Cow Zodiac (Horoscope) should avoid this timing

1700pm-1900pm: The Rabbit Zodiac (Horoscope) should avoid this timing (Best for business)

Worst Time of the Day:


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