Welcome to fengshui1988.com


This is my first post on Feng Shui since 1988. I will be blogging about Feng Shui, Chinese Zodiac (Chinese Horoscope) and anything related to fortune telling.


My focus will be providing a Feng Shui Calendar everyone can use to find the best date, time and place to enjoy great luck.


Occasionally I will drift away from my main topic and blog about anything under the sun, please bear with me if I drift too far away once in the while, thanks.


My blog is in a “sandbox” now to get ready for my official launch on the 17th of December. You will hear a lot more from me when I go fully LIVE. Stay Tune, I’ll be Back.


“The Sandbox (a.k.a. Sandboxing or the sandbox effect or the Google penalty) is a phenomenon that people have claimed to observe in the ranking of web pages that is performed by Google. It is the subject of much debate. Its existence has been written about but not confirmed, and several observers state that they have observed the contrary to what is claimed for this perceived phenomenon.


The Phenomenon that people have claimed to observe is that Google temporarily reduces the page rank of new domains, placing them into what is referred to as its “sandbox”, in an effort to counter the ways that search engine optimizers attempt to manipulate Google’s page ranking to bring sites to the top, by creating lots of inbound links to a new web site from other web sites that they own before creating that web site.”  [via Wikipedia ]


Cheers, see you when I am back.


Nicholas Teo