Where is my wealth corner and What is my wealth direction is probably the most common question every Feng Shui Consultant had answered.

What is the wealth corner or wealth direction? In layman term, a wealth direction or a wealth sector is the direction the wealth energy is strongest, and enhancing that energy would increase a person ability to attract wealth and success.

There are many types of wealth direction: wealth direction of the house, wealth direction base on your birthday, wealth direction of the things you want to do and wealth direction of the year, month and day.

For most of these wealth energy to help you, you have to calculate the direction of your house, your birthday and do many other miscellaneous calculation first. But there is a one type of wealth energy that you can use easily without doing any calculation: The daily wealth direction.

Where to find my Daily Wealth Direction?

I have already listed the daily wealth direction in my daily Feng Shui Calendar post under “Daily Wealth and Success Direction” to make it easier for you to enjoy greater financial success; Click the Calendar category now to start enjoying more success everyday.

Activating the daily wealth direction is very easy:

1. Travel towards the selected wealth direction for at least 100m (calculated from the main entrance of your apartment building or main entrance of landed property) before proceeding to your desired location or

2. Face the wealth direction when doing your work or when meeting with your prospect (This is applicable for both home and office).

The daily wealth direction is useful in the following situation:

1. Negotiating a deal:
You could travel in the wealth direction first than proceed to the destination (your office, clients office, public meeting place, etc). If possible, after you arrived, you can select a table or sitting position facing the wealth direction for extra strength. For example, if the daily wealth direction is in the east, choose a table or place where the client sits in the east sector and you sit in the west sector facing him.

2. Door to door sales: No idea where to go to do your door to door sales? Travel in the wealth direction to pick a place to start.

3. Apply for loan: Need to apply for a loan but don’t have a specific bank in mind? Travel in the wealth direction to pick one

4. Signing Contract: You can face the wealth direction to sign a contract to enhance its financial prospect.

Although the daily wealth direction is the weakest form of wealth energy, any extra help from the cosmic is better than no help at all. This energy can be use on all money related situation.

Good Luck.