The 12 Chinese ZodiacThe 12 Chinese Horoscope signs are represented by animals. The horoscope relates a particular year for a specific animal and its popular characteristics and the scheme repeats every 12 years. People from Singapore, China, Taiwan and Hong Kong as well as other East Asian countries such as Mongolia, South Korea and many others, study and use the Chinese Horoscope.

The 12 Chinese Horoscope signs have a certain likeness to the Western Horoscope. Both horoscope schemes have time cycles with 12 divisions and both use names of animals to mark a majority of those parts. Both Western and Chinese horoscopes are also used as influences that attribute to a person’s personality and several important events in their life.

However, there are still several major differences between the Western Horoscope and the Chinese Horoscope animal signs. The Western Horoscope is divided into a 12-part cycle by months in a year. The Chinese Horoscope on the other hand is divided into years. The Western Horoscope can also be traced as a representation of constellations while the Chinese Horoscope is associated with calendars and traditional astronomy.

The 12 Chinese Horoscope signs are used to represent twelve different types of personalities based on the animal that is associated for a particular year. Traditionally, the 12-part cycle begins with the animal sign of the Rat based on many folk tales about the horoscope.

The year of the Rat is associated with the element of water. People who are born under this horoscope are tenacious, eloquent and charming. They are also forthright, meticulous, hardworking and sensitive. They can also be manipulative, shrewd, critical, and intolerant. They sometimes set their standards too high and can be over-ambitious.

People born under the year of the Cow are associated with the element of the earth. The ox can be very stubborn and demanding. However, they are also very dependable, patient and methodical among many other fine qualities.

The Tiger
horoscope is associated with qualities such as rebellion, power, passion, impulsiveness and vigor. They are sincere, generous and stimulating but can also be reckless, impatient, obstinate, aggressive, and highly unpredictable at times.

People born under the year of the Rabbit are associated with the element of wood. They can be your good friend because of their being amiable, gracious and soft-spoken. However, they can also be very superficial, self-indulgent, detached and opportunistic.

are known to be fiery and vigorous beings and these are some of the qualities that are associated with people born under this sign. They can be magnanimous, self-assured, noble, dignified and decisive. They can also become too demanding, pompous, arrogant and occasionally violent.

Deep thinker and wise men often characterize the Snake horoscope. They can be mystic, soft-spoken, creative and sensual but can also be loners, bad communicators and hedonists. Other qualities attributed to people born under the Snake horoscope include creativity, ambitiousness, elegance and strength among many others.

People born under the year of the Horse are popular and cheerful individuals. They are often the most known people in the group or the most quick-witted and talkative. People born under this sign are also intelligent, down to earth, open-minded as well as fickle, rude, stubborn and arrogant.

The Goat
is the eighth sign of the Chinese horoscope. People born under this sign are mild-mannered, righteous, creative, gentle and sincere. They are known to be good parents with their understanding, generous and mothering qualities. However, they can be very over-passive, over-sensitive, moody and sometimes pessimistic.

The Monkey
horoscope is often associated with people who are excellent inventors, improvisers and motivators. Their flexibility with handling things and their being innovative and self-assured make them good leaders. However, they can be vain, cunning, deceptive and suspicious which can lead to problems in their leadership.

The Rooster
is the 10th sign of the Chinese horoscope. People born under this sign are normally self-assured, critical and decisive. They are also perfectionists, practical, responsible and are known for their ability to keep things organized. They can also be very critical, abrasive and too opinionated for their own good.

The Dog
horoscope is associated with intelligence, honesty, loyalty, attractiveness and idealism. They can be very sensitive and practical but also cynical, pessimistic, quarrelsome and stubborn.

The Pig
is the last sign of the Chinese horoscope. People born under this sign are often honest, sociable, patient, trusting and thoughtful. However, they can be over-reliant, gullible and materialistic.