Shanghai Pavilion

Shanghai Pavilion

Date: Sat 16 October 2010 1648 hrs

SHANGHAI – The number of visitors to Shanghai’s World Expo has surpassed a previous record of 64 million, organisers said Saturday, as the six-month event entered its final two weeks.

The world’s fair in China’s eastern financial hub Saturday passed the 64.22 million visitor mark set by the 1970 Osaka World Expo, organisers said on their website.

Most visitors have been Chinese.

However it appeared a spurt in arrivals would be needed before the Expo ends on October 31 to reach its target of 70 million visitors.

The exhibition of culture, ideas and technology from 189 countries and dozens of companies — the largest Expo ever — has been viewed as a showcase of China’s political and economic clout and organisational abilities.

– AFP/ir

P.S You have another 2 weeks to visit The Shanghai World Expo, the last day of the Expo is 31 Oct.