SHANGHAI – The Shanghai World Expo 2010 welcomed its 70 millionth visitor yesterday, meeting a bold target and also breaking a world record.

The six-month-long exhibition made the mark as it prepared to enter its final week, surpassing the 64 million visitors the Osaka World Expo in Japan drew in 1970.

Announcing the achievement, the official Expo website said total visitor arrivals broke the 70 million mark at 10.17am, on the 177th day of the event.

‘The news is exciting, and it is also encouraging for the organisers,’ said an official with the Bureau of the Shanghai World Expo Coordination.

The record number of visitors promises to give an added boost to China, which had billed the Shanghai Expo as the first World Expo to be hosted by a developing country.

It came soon after the Expo notched a record for the highest attendance on a single day – a total of 1.03 million on Oct 16.

[via Straits Times]

The Shanghai World Expo will end on the 31st Oct 2010.